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Lotus Leaves Tea

Lotus Leaves Tea

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Lotus Leaves Tea helps you lose weight. As a pure natural green health care drink, it is now the most popular natural slimming tea in the world. Due to the quality of natural fragrant, sweet taste, being portable and suitable for a year- round, Lotus leaf weight loss tea is perfect for the modern females who have a unbalanced diet and over nutrition. Lotus Leaf Weight Loss Tea can make you lose about 3 to 7 pounds a month. Though, it keeps an even speed to lose weight, it will not do you any harm. Lotus tea has been traditionally used to control bleeding. The lotus roots are particularly effective for achieving the anti-hemorrhagic effect. The lotus plant contains quercetin and other Flavonoid that may be the mechanism of action by improving capillary wall strength, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Lotus leaf tea is a calming decoction that is said to benefit several organs and conditions that are characterized by what Chinese medicine calls "dampness accumulation." Lotus leaf tea is a remedy that treats the stomach, spleen and liver, and it is also said to treat summer heat syndrome, which is characterized by overheating and sometimes accompanied by a heat rash. Lotus leaf tea is also effective against high blood pressure because of the tea's alkaloid content, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine.

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