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Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea

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Lavender Tea is said to be effective in cases of insomnia and anxiety Lavender is said to be effective in cases of insomnia and anxiety. It can lift mood, and is beneficial in cases of stress-related anxiety and depression. Lavender Leaf Tea has a long history of use for easing headaches and tension. If you’re feeling headachy and stressed, a warming cup of lavender tea will give you an instant sense of deeply satisfying relaxation and peace to get you straight back to your feet with renewed purpose and focus. There are many benefits associated with the lavender herb. Here are some of the most common: lavender tea * Lavender is used to treat insomnia * Lavender is used to treat depression * Lavender is used to treat anxiety * Lavender is used to increase appetite * Lavender is used to treat mood disturbances * Lavender is used to relieve stress You can also try Lavender tea for stomach aches – it is believed to ease the symptoms of colic. Lavender’s soft, subtle, relaxing aroma makes it a delicious tea. Because it is naturally caffeine-free you can drink it at any time of day and we particularly recommend it after dinner when it will help settle the stomach and prepare you for bed.

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